Cisco Meraki and Cisco Prime Integration

In this article we will take a look at how to integrate Cisco Meraki AP's to Cisco Prime for management and monitoring.

You will need to make sure that you have admin access to the Meraki Dashboard as well as admin access to Cisco Prime.

Start off by enabling SNMP v2c or v3 on the Meraki Dashboard. Organization > Settings. Choose between SNMP version 2 or 3 and enter your required configuration and click 'Save' to apply your settings.

In the below example, SNMPv3 is used.

Login to your Cisco Prime server and navigate to Configuration > Network > Network Devices.

Click the + icon to manually add a new device. When the new device settings appear, enter the following:

  • DNS address (This should be visible from where you set the SNMP settings on the Meraki Dashboard)

  • SNMP configuration (This needs to match what was configured on the Meraki dashboard)

Note: The username is also located on the Meraki Dashboard where the SNMP settings were configured.

Click 'Verify Credentials' before proceeding to ensure you can establish connectivity to your dashboard.

Once connectivity is established, proceed to save your settings. You have successfully integrated your Meraki dashboard with Cisco Prime.

Once synchronized information about your organization within Meraki will be pulled into Cisco Prime. In the meantime, it is probably worth also download the MIB's for Cisco Meraki. The MIB's can be downloaded from the same place where SNMP was configured within the Meraki Dashboard.


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